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  The Rothco crew after a large tree removal job in Magnolia, TX

The trees and shrubs all over Montgomery County in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and up into Willis are more than part of our beautiful landscape. Our trees provide shade and energy efficiency, privacy, environmental benefits, and a plethora of fond memories for tree planting homeowners. Sometimes trees die or decline in health unexpectedly-it is easy for the untrained eye to miss subtle initial signs of tree or shrub disease and stress. Unfortunately, weather conditions like floods, high winds, droughts, and lightening can also negatively impact the health of our trees. To make matters more complicated, HOA and POA tree and removal guidelines, permits, and applications can seem like an added challenge. It's okay, we get it. Rothco Tree Service is here to help you with professional and affordable tree services. We promise you "Tree Service You Can Trust" so your landscape stays healthy, looking great, and gets back to giving you the best blooms on the block! Our job is to provide our clients with knowledgeable and responsible tree healthcare recommendations. This includes letting you know when a tree needs to come down or when and how a diseased tree can be saved. It also includes debris removal and haul away with every job- because no one should be left having to clean up trees and branches after hiring a tree service.


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Professional Tree Removal

Tree removals can be dangerous. Our expert climbers know exactly how to rope off, climb, or drop trees safely according to industry standards and guidelines. We staff these trained tree climbing professionals for every size removal to ensure that neither person nor property are injured/damaged during while removing a tree. We are also licensed and insured for the added protection of our clients' home and yard.

tree/shrub trimming and pruning

Stump Grinding and Root Removal

After we remove a tree, you may not want the left over stump in your yard. While we are able to remove roots and rootballs by hand, our equipment allows us to grind stumps below ground level quickly. Removing stumps, roots, and rootballs can enhance the appearance of your property, keep pests like termites and ants away from rotting wood as a result of a decaying stump, or reduce tripping hazards for small children.

lot, fence, and underbrush clearing

Thick brush, trees, and/or vines in the way of your project? We can help clear underbrush and take care of any lot fence or land clearing projects/needs you may have. Our hydro ax is capable of clearing lots and land quickly- preparing the land so you can complete the project of your dreams!


Uprooted trees, fallen trees, split trees and trunks, and large broken branches and limbs can cause hazards to your home, roof, car or family. Hurricanes, high winds, floods, and lightening can create these disasters, but a previously stressed or structurally compromised tree may already be more susceptible to creating emergencies during harsh weather conditions. We offer emergency tree services 24/7.

More Services

We also offer mulch and mulching services, diagnostic testing for trees, soil, leaf, and root diseases, sprays and injections, root barrier installation, transplanting and planting services. Click "See All Services" below to view a full list of our services and descriptions, or call us at (832) 257-0190 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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