Full List of Tree Care Services


Professional Tree Removal

Tree removals can be dangerous. Our expert climbers know exactly how to rope off, climb, or drop trees safely according to industry standards and guidelines. We staff these trained tree climbing professionals for every size removal to ensure that neither person nor property are injured/damaged during while removing a tree. We are also licensed and insured for the added protection of our clients' home and yard. Click the link below to learn more about the removal process, pricing, and links for homeowners.

Lot, Fence, and Underbrush clearing (hydro ax)

Thick brush, trees, and/or vines in the way of your project? We can help clear underbrush and take care of any lot fence or land clearing projects/needs you may have. Our hydro ax is capable of clearing lots and land quickly- preparing the land so you can complete the project of your dreams! Click the link below for a list of projects, photos, and other general information.

Transplanting, Planting, and Root Barriers

We offer root barrier installation for trees whose roots may have or are starting to grow too close to a driveway or foundation. Trees with wide spreading roots can uplift sidewalks, pathways, driveways, and potentially crack foundation (this is rare, but does happen with certain larger and more developed species). Transplanting landscaping to other locations in the yard or another property can be done as well, depending on the species and time of year. We also offer planting or replacing of removed /dying trees as well. Visit out homeowner links page for a list of native Texas trees (courtesy of the Woodlands Township) or Justin, our estimator, can discuss your needs and give you some recommendations for fruit, ornamentals, privacy, or shade trees that may work well at your free estimate.

Pruning and Trimming

There are many types of trimming and pruning, depending on a clients' overall goal- deadwood removal, canopy reduction, structural pruning, and crown thinning are most popular. Tree and shrub trimming and pruning can result in better blooms, overall shape and promote/sustain tree growth and aesthetic value, but sometimes we need to cut a branch or limb back due to overhang, whether it be a house, driveway, utility line, or other property.


Uprooted trees, fallen trees, split trees and trunks, and large broken branches and limbs can cause hazards to your home, roof, car or family. Hurricanes, high winds, floods, and lightening can create these disasters, but a previously stressed or structurally compromised tree may already be more susceptible to creating emergencies during harsh weather conditions. We offer emergency tree services 24/7.

Debris removal and green waste haul away

Unfortunately, green waste doesn't pick up everything and not every neighborhood has the luxury to burn broken or trimmed branches in their fire pit. No problem! Give us a call and we are happy to remove logs, branches, limbs, debris, or any general green waste you may need to get off of your property. In some cases, a tree may have already uprooted or fallen far enough from harms way that the removal of a large trunk is all that is needed. We may use special equipment to move larger logs and are happy to offer cut firewood out of these trees. Rates vary and depend on the size of the area, access of equipment, and the amount of debris that needs to be hauled away. To see what your debris removal rules and regulations are in Mongtomery County, and if the city may take care of your removal for free, click here.

Stump Grinding and root removal

After we remove a tree, you may not want the left over stump in your yard. While we are able to remove roots and root balls by hand, our equipment allows us to grind stumps below ground level quickly. Removing stumps, roots, and root balls can enhance the appearance of your property, keep pests like termites and ants away from rotting wood as a result of a decaying stump, or reduce tripping hazards for small children. Click the link below for more information on stump grinding and stump and root hand removals.


We are happy to install a wide variety of mulches. While there are many different colors of dyed mulch - red and black being the most popular simply because they tend to "pop" in front yard beds, we often recommend natural mulch. Natural mulch is a beautiful and dye-free way ensure your landscape stays hydrated throughout drought and the Texas heat. It's also a great bug repellent and temperature control medium for soil. Plus, it hides fallen pine needles in the fall (they'll blend right in with the color of your natural mulch, acting as an added layer of soil protection). We do not drop off free mulch often, but when we do, we use Chip Drop. Please visit their website and read their requirements to see if you may be eligible to sign up for free wood chip drop offs.

Injections & sprays

There are many envrionmental stress factors that can lead to a diseased or declining landscape. The good news is, they can probably be saved! We use natural pesticides when possible and will work treatments around your schedule to check in on progress and bloom production between visits. We also offer twig, leaf, root, and soil sample diagnostics when several stressors or pathogens are suspected or if soil conditions are less than optimal and not enough history is available (many disease processes look similar to each other when more than one stressor is causing symptoms of health decline). While there are some pests and fungi that generally cannot be exterminated and/or are infectious to those around them, we will work with you on recommendations, treatment and pricing options, and permits for removal when necessary.